Reflective Overview Portfolio 3

1 05 2012

Your reflective overview has two “sections,” or components, this time. One is to articulate and justify your choices in the video. The other is to consider your work and learning over the whole semester, and to make plans for how you’ll continue developing your reading, writing, and research skills in future. (See the assignment sheet for more information.) For this week’s blog posting, begin your reflection!

My project was about childhood obesity. My reasoning for choosing this topic was because it is a wide known subject in the United States. I wanted to make a video to try and help others cut back and lower the statics on overweight or obesity. From my researching I found that the statics grow a lot each year. This needs to be decreasing each year. The purpose of this is because I know a lot of children who are overweight or even obese. I want to help those children who are inactive become active.



Tactics from PSA

1 05 2012

Make you think about the topic and what the purpose is. Also it will change your mind a lot of times about the certain topic.It tries to use ethics on you. A way to bring the real life out and convenience you to agree with them.


Post for 4/12

12 04 2012

Find a text (any genre or mode) aimed at YOUR ideal audience. Link to it, if possible, in your blog post, then analyze: 1) why the author of this text chose this audience, 2) how you can tell this is the audience chosen, 3) how they approach the audience to achieve their purposes.


The author chose this audience to catch the eye of the audience to get them to pay attention to what they were saying. They used bright colors to grab the eye of the viewer and used facts about the the topic. They also used a simple voice of tone and simple words so that children can understand what they are talking about.

11 04 2012

Today in class we were to bring in a draft of our very own story board. By discussing my own story board with other class mates it made me think more about my movie. My class mates also helped me on ways to make adjustments to my movie. The class discussion on our story boards help me think on ways I can add more text and even maybe change my audio on my movie.

11 04 2012

Today in class we were suppose to choose one video that inspired you to help with your video. Although this is not my video but we had a deep discussion on this one video. It is called Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus. Many people had there take on the video but I would like to say somethings on it. I think the video has a great point about how people compare religion to Jesus. Yes, if you are a Christian and believe there was a Jesus then you can tell from his point what he is talking about. But for others who don’t believe in Christianity they will not agree with the video. They might say that Jesus and religion is the same thing. I think, being a Christian myself, that when he says “Why does Religion build huge churches but fails to feed the poor.” Even though Jesus fed 5,000 people with only few loaves of bread and a few fish he still managed to make a way so that no one went without. Have you ever looked around and seen all the churches you have  in a 5 miles radius? If all the churches would branch together instead of branching out then there wouldn’t be a empty pew in a church. Then there wouldn’t be no way a church could not help out a poor family. If churches would let God come in instead of man churches would be better and there would be a lot more people saved. People look at Christians and think they are doing the same as me but they consider themselves a Christian, I guess that would also make me one then. But it isn’t that easy. If you want to become a Christian you have to Admit that you are a sinner, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and Confess you sins.

Story Boarding

11 04 2012

Today in class we discussed on how to make a story board for our movie. We also went over 4 main topics that should be used in the movie which are: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. By doing these 4 things you will have a great movie and presentation will be easy. I think that by doing a story board it will help separate your ideas so you can out them all into one thing instead of having many different places for different ideas.

Movie Maker

11 04 2012

Today in class we learned how to you the software Movie Maker. For my first time using it I thought it would be hard but once I got to play along with it, it didn’t seem as hard as it looked. If I needed help there was step my step tutorials that could be found on the internet. I think once I get to use this software that my presentation will turn out great.